About Roseaire

For years, Roseaire Conference Center was merely a dream for faithful Catholic Floridians and members of Opus Dei. This dream became a reality in 1997 with the purchase of Roseaire’s original house and property. With minor improvements, the house was successfully used for retreats and activities for many years. However, in order to best serve the people, it became clear that major improvements were needed.

Plans for Roseaire’s expansion began in 2002, and the final phase was completed in 2016. The expansion included a total renovation of the original house, landscaping improvements, the construction of a dormitory wing, a new oratory, a new classroom and library, and new hospitality services (dining room and kitchen).

The Conference Center currently hosts spiritual retreats for either men or women. The retreats are tailored to adults, young professionals, college students, high school students and middle school students. In the future, we hope to add additional spiritual and community activities to Roseaire’s yearly schedule.

Roseaire is privately owned and operated by Roseaire Retreat, Inc., a non-profit corporation. Spiritual activities offered at Roseaire are entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Catholic Church. Thus, the activities held at Roseaire reflect a Christian outlook on life and culture. Through these activities, men and women in any state of life are inspired to live Christian virtues in their everyday, professional and family lives.